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Northern Ireland’s Treasure: The Glens of Antrim

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Northern Ireland’s treasure, the Glens of Antrim, is a region of County Antrim located on the north coast of the Emerald Isle. The Glens comprise nine valleys that were carved out by receding glaciers during the Ice Age. They stretch over some 80km of shoreline, encompassing grasslands, forests, peat bogs, mountain uplands, churches, cottages and castles. Many small farms have created a patchwork of hedgerows and dry stone walls.

Evidence indicates that humans inhabited the region as early as the Neolithic period. These people left behind megalithic tombs, stone tools, pottery, and arrowheads.

Early on, the Glens had close associations with Scotland. At least from the 5thcentury they were part of the ancient sea kingdom of Dalriada that extended on both sides of the North Channel and included the northern part of the present County Antrim. The Scottish influence is still evident in place-names, music, language and dance.

From the mid-13thcentury the Lordship of the Glens belonged to the Scoto-Irish Norman Bissett family. In the mid-16thcentury it came under the ownership of the MacDonnells of Antrim. You can visit Glenarm Castle in Glenarm, the home of the Antrim McDonnells for over 400 years

Today the Glens attract tourists from all over. They may seek a restful stay in a beautiful coastal village like Cushendun, camping in Glenariff Forest Park with its famous waterfall, or visits to some of the areas steeped in folklore such as Glentaisie where they’ll learn about the Children of Lir who were turned into swans until released from their enchantment by the knell of a Christian bell. In addition, several festivals attract visitors during the summer.

The beauty of the Glens of Antrim is indeed the reason the area is considered Northern Ireland’s treasure.

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  1. Are we to assume that your next mystery novel will have an Irish setting?


    • Hi Maureen, You are right. My next novel will be set in Dublin, Belfast and a small village near Belfast. I’m about one third through the first draft.


    • Having seen so much of Ireland while visiting family there 3 times, I’m really looking forward to Lysi’s next adventure.


      • In what part of Ireland does your family live? We would like to see Dublin, Belfast and the Glens of Antrim.


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