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7 Dubrovnik Gourmet Delights

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th-2Dubrovnik, Croatia is one of the loveliest cities in the world. Must-see sites include the 13th century city walls built as a defense against the Turkish invaders. The walls enclose all of the Old Town, another must-see site with its beautiful Onofrios Fountain, Sponza Palace and the regal Cathedral of the Assumption. For a wonderful view of the city from above, take the Cable Car ride to the top of Mount Srd. For a view at sea level, relax with a glass of wine in a small restaurant on the serene City Harbor.

Touring makes you hungry and that’s what this post is really about, Dubrovnik cuisine. Dubrovnik is a seacoast city and its seafood is delicious pared with fresh vegetables. The common ingredients of Dubrovnik gourmet delights are parsley, lemon, paprika peppers, garlic, and olive oil. Here are some specialties you’ll want to try as you visit the extraordinary Dubrovnik sites.

Burek is a pastry dish made with flakey thin pastry. It is often embellished with cheese or meat. A quick pick-me-up for the busy tourist.

Ajvar is a red pepper paste mixed with eggplant and garlic. It’s delicious as a garnish for meat, chicken and pasta salads. Spread some on sandwiches and pack them along in a bag lunch.

Paski Sir is a hard, salty cheese made from sheep’s milk. It is served as an appetizer or a dessert. It’s Croatia’s most popular cheese. Pick some up and nibble it as you walk along the city’s famous walls.

Brodet is a stew made with a variety of fish flavored with lots of onions and garlic. A heavier fare for lunch or dinner.

th-1Ispod is a Croatian specialty and should be part of your Dubrovnik experience. This local delicacy consists of dishes baked under a metal dome called a Peka. It is a traditional method of cooking meats and vegetables. If you plan to try this treat, you’ll need to give restaurants up to 3 hours advance notice to prepare it.

Dubrovacki Rozata is Dubrovnik’s most famous dessert. It is a crème caramel pudding often immersed in a sweet brandy or liqueur. A lovely way to end your day.

Malvasija Marin Drzic is a dry white wine created from grapes grown in the Republic of Dubrovnik. A perfect accompaniment for Dubrovnik seafood specialties.

Don’t leave Dubrovnik without sampling these celebrated dishes.

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