Posted by: nancycurteman | September 18, 2010

Au Lapin Agile: A Place to Frolic With the French

Au Lapin Agile is a quaint little cabaret in Montmartre about which I have already posted on my blog. It has two claims to fame: its history and its modern day rollicking-good-time audience participation entertainment.

Historically, Au Lapin Agile, At the Agile Rabbit, was a gathering place for well known nineteenth and early twentieth century artists and singers. Today it retains the same ambience that appealed to those who frequented it so long ago. When you enter the small one-room cabaret you are offered the traditional Au Lapin Agile cherry liqueur complete with real cherries. The show begins with the cast singing spirited traditional French songs. The talented musicians include three guitarists, a pianist and an accordionist. The audience quickly joins in the singing. I requested a number of songs which the performers willingly sang. The performers also bantered with the audience. One funny comment made to me by the lead singer went like this: “I’m going to sing a song all Americans know the words to.” He then sang a tune the words of which were simply, “La, la, la, la.” I told him I knew that song well and I sang along with him. We all laughed and the good cheer continued throughout the four hour show until midnight when it was time for the rabbit to go to sleep.


  1. You are having a good time! Thank you for sharing your experiences in France.


  2. Sounds great, and got some French songs swirling:

    Alouette, gentille alouette . . . alouette, je te plumerez . . . je te plumerez la tete . . .

    Frere Jacque, Frere Jacque, dormez vous? dormez vous?


  3. Enchanting as always, you are making me hungry for another international adventure.

    We would love to see some pictures! Share if you can.


  4. […] Au Lapin Agile: A Place to Frolic With the French […]


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