Posted by: nancycurteman | January 11, 2019

5 Ways Animals Can Add Humor to a Mystery Novel

Recently I wrote a blog post titled 5 Ways to Use Animals in a Mystery Novel. In this post I will refine my view of the role of animals a bit more. Most mystery novels no matter how dark can benefit from the interjection of a bit of humor. Animals make great vehicles for adding funny scenes to a heavy story. Here are 5 ways animals can add humor to a mystery novel:

  1. Alligator. On a swamp tour in Louisiana I encountered an alligator that followed our boat gobbling marshmallows our guide tossed to it. What if a bad guy threw a good guy into the swamp expecting our marshmallow-loving alligator to attack but instead the alligator waited for marshmallows.
  2. A family I knew had a pet parrot that they allowed to fly free about the living room. Unfortunately, the parrot was very territorial and would fly at and peck visitors. So the family had to keep it locked in its cage when friends came by. What if the family forgot to lock up their pet upon leaving one evening and a burglar entered. The intrusion of the burglar angered the territorial parrot and it viciously attacked the culprit.
  3. Dog. I read about an amorous Labrador that lapsed into a passionate state of arousal at the sight or scent of a man’s jeans. Upon the appearance of a jean clad leg it would rush forward and vigorously hump away on the man’s leg. Only its master could end the romantic interlude. What if a voyeur in jeans entered a yard planning to indulge his compulsion to peek through a bedroom window and the dog loped forward and satisfied its sexual appetite on the peeping tom’s leg. Would the voyeur lose interest in satisfying his own compulsion?
  4. Goose. My father always maintained that geese were great “watch dogs.” They not only sound a loud alarm when a stranger invades, they will also attack. If you’ve ever been bitten by a goose you know how painful it can be. What if an unsuspecting intruder sneaks into a geese-guarded yard and several geese honk furiously, fly at him and clamp their vise-grip bills onto his flesh. Did I mention geese don’t like to let go?
  5.  Skunk. I once knew a family that had a smelly skunk setting up housekeeping under their front porch and had to enter their home through the back door for fear of upsetting the skunk. They contacted a “skunk eradicator” to remove said skunk. What if a burglar approached the house through the front door, upset the skunk causing it to use its only defense mechanism. Skunk spray might cure the burglar of his penchant for stealing.

These are a few ways animals can add humor to a mystery novel. I had fun making up these scenarios. Try making up your own humorous scenes. Have fun.

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