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8 Questions Readers Ask About Grace Wright

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In my last post I shared a marketing strategy I use to maintain reader interest in my Lysi Weston Mystery Series and to reinforce differences between characters in terms of values, interests, voice and goals. I posted an interview with one of the novels’ main characters. I pointed out that when I do book events, I often get repeat questions about readers’ favorite characters. One of the most popular characters is Grace Wright. In this post I will model a format for responding to questions about Grace.

What is your job? I bully corporate managers into recognizing and eliminating sexual harassment in the work place.

Any romance in your life? Oh yeah. You know I travel the world in my job. Well, let me tell you, I got a man waiting for me in every port.

Tell us about your relationship with Lysi Weston, your business colleague. Lysi is a doll and no dummy. She would do anything for you. I love her, but she has some problems that bug the hell out of me.. She’s too uptight. I try to loosen her up but it’s a losing battle. Everything has to be planned, scheduled and implemented. She even makes lists. Her biggest problem is her fantasy that she’s some kind of detective. She gets mixed up in murder cases wherever we go. And, OMG! She always gets me involved. Despite all her issues, she’s my BFF.

Do you have any bad habits? I don’t think so. Well, maybe a couple. I imbibe a bit—a little scotch, a little champagne, maybe a cocktail now and then. Oh, and I have a flirty side that upsets my current squeeze. What can I say? I don’t want to be selfish, so I spread my affection around a bit.

Where did you grow up? Not much to tell. Born in good old Harlem, NY. Had an African American dad and a Puerto Rican mama. We lived above my dad’s bookstore. Spent vacations in Mississippi with my paternal grandmother. Education? Got my street smarts in Harlem where I hung with Black and Hispanic gangs. Got a BA and MA from NYU.

How do you stay so fit? Exercise. And let me tell you, the best exercise is hot sex.

What are your favorite activities? Shopping, partying, eating and sex. Not necessarily in that order.

Any new adventures in your future? Yeah. Lysi and I will do a corporate seminar in Dublin, Ireland in a few months. I already bought a “Hug me, I’m Irish” t-shirt.

That concludes the interview with Grace Wright. She will be going to Ireland in my next mystery novel. Watch for it in about 8 months.

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