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How to Use Social Media to Market your Novel

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Social media has become an important vehicle for authors to use to promote their novels. I know it’s a bit time consuming for busy writers, but it is one of the best ways to get in touch with your readers. Where to begin? Well, I found some excellent articles in a series taken from the Author Marketing Primer: A Quick Start Guide with Author Advice, a free eBook on Amazon. I will share some of these “how to” articles in my next few blog posts. Here is the first one:

Building a strong social media presence is challenging, and there are a lot of social media sites out there including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, just to name a few. New ones seem to pop up all the time, and the popularity of these sites also changes over time, so being social media–aware is a wise time investment for authors who want to build a following.

Key to maintaining your followers’ interest on social media are frequent interaction and updates. Inactive social media accounts don’t attract interest, so posting is crucial to keep you relevant and your book(s) top of mind with readers. The nature of what you post is also important. Readers will respond best to posts that are social, authoritative, and consistent in tone. Also, be sure to interact with your budding fans, keep your biggest fans engaged, and build relationships with other authors.

As you already know from writing your book, creating content from scratch takes time. If you’re struggling to find something new to post or you’re busy working on your next book, then consider sharing articles you think your audience will appreciate, or news and posts from fellow authors. Naturally, you can then ask these authors to promote your book on their social media accounts.

Here are some avenues for engaging your readers on social media:

  • Live Facebook or Twitter parties
  • Contests and giveaways
  • Finding beta readers
  • Posting articles that will resonate with your readers
  • Sharing fellow authors’ posts and joining with them in their promotional- and content-development efforts
  • Posting videos
  • Hosting “guest takeovers” where a character from your book becomes the person posting, or by inviting other authors to take over your social media channels
  • Celebrating other authors’ book launches

Before you publish your book, create some buzz on social media by announcing the impending launch on your social network, and then make a grand announcement (including links for your fans to easily navigate to your Amazon detail page) when the book becomes available for sale. You may also consider asking your social network to follow you using the Amazon Follow feature.

Promoting your milestones is an easy way to interact with your readers—if you’re excited, then they will be, too. A milestone is anything that is related to you and your writing. Milestones can occur at all stages of the marketing process and include:

  • Upcoming book-publication dates
  • Updates for books in progress
  • Reaching a specific number of Amazon customer reviews, or a particular star rating
  • Number of books sold
  • Upcoming book-cover reveals

If it’s not possible for you to stay on top of numerous social media platforms, then just stick with the ones that give you the widest reach. It’s better to have just one or two platforms where your readers can count on your reliable activity, rather than multiple accounts that you rarely update. If you need help managing multiple social media accounts, you might consider software that helps update multiple accounts from the same place.

Here’s a tip: create a content-scheduling calendar for yourself so that you can strategically plan the content you’re going to post, as well as when and where you’re going to post it. Doing so will help you avoid last-minute stress, as well as help ensure you’re posting regularly.


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