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8 Questions You Should Consider Answering in Your Story Resolution

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In a novel, the story resolution is much more complex than “The End.” It differs from the rest of the writing in the novel in that it is usually written in expository style with the goal of finishing up the story for the reader. It should not be too long nor should it be too short. It should neither be overly detailed nor too enigmatic. However it must tie up all the loose story threads. Here are eight questions you should consider answering when writing your story resolution.

  1. How did plot experiences change your major characters?
  2. Did your protagonist succeed in her goals?
  3. Did your protagonist fail to meet her goals? Why?
  4. What impact did the protagonist’s success or failure in her quest have on her?
  5. What impact did the protagonist’s adventures have on others close to her?
  6. Did she learn anything from her quest?
  7. Did her experiences result in any changes in her previous lifestyle?
  8. What might the future hold for your main characters?

Your story resolution is basically a short summary of what has happened in the story and the results as well as a very brief indication of what the future might hold.

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  1. Well, the heroine found her long lost daughter and risked her life to rescue her from the villain. She was also reunited with the father and found out the truth of why he disappeared all those years ago ( and he thought she was dead and discovers she’s not and that he has a daughter he never knew about.) . the daughter grew up not knowing she was adopted until he death of her parents in an auto accident and is found by her birth mother just in time to be saved from a dire fate (and also finds her father) and is rejoined to both of them. Is that enough? :=]


    • Sounds like a satisfying summary of an ending. Now flesh it out. 🙂


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