Posted by: nancycurteman | June 27, 2017

Stories Happen When Ordinary Life is Disrupted

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Stories happen when there is a disruption in the life of an ordinary person living an ordinary life. An event of some kind places a character in a completely new situation. A novel opens with a character going about a daily routine when suddenly something happens that turns her world upside down. Tension thrives on the contrast between the old life and the new one.

Authors can create all kinds of disruptive events—environmental, social, psychological, lifestyle, criminal or catastrophic.

• A new job forces a character to move from sunny California to Barrow, Alaska.

• A middle-class man loses his job, can’t pay his bills and becomes homeless.

• A woman is attacked in her home and becomes terrified of being alone.

• A student from a lower socioeconomic family receives a scholarship to attend an aristocratic private college.

* A character survives a flood that destroys a town.

• A woman witnesses a murder.

The question that will become the plot of the novel in all these situations is: How will the character adjust after the momentous event.

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  1. Just started the new episode in Lysi’s life, and it’s set in San Francisco. I can really relate to that. As I read, I picture the settings and it brings it alive. I can say it was worth the wait, even though I’m only up to chapter 6. I just wonder where she’s off to next?


    • Hi Maureen, Thank you so much for your kind comments. Nothing pleases an author more than hearing that a reader likes what she has written. I can tell you where Lysi is headed next. She and Grace will be off to Ireland to do a corporate management training seminar in Dublin.


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