Posted by: nancycurteman | June 5, 2017

New Lysi Weston Mystery

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In response to readers’ requests I’ve set a Lysi Weston mystery in San Francisco. In Murder Lurks in the Fog, readers will tour the City by the Bay with Lysi as she unravels a murder in her hometown.

Trouble dogs my wannabe sleuth like the fog that shrouds her beloved San Francisco. First an old friend goes missing. Next the friend is linked to the murder of a beautiful young socialite. Then another suspicious death clouds things even more. Enjoying the beauty of the City by the Bay takes second place when a trail of suspects leads to a jealous husband, a resentful stepdaughter, and the son of a vicious mob boss. Lysi pressures Aussie, Maynard Christie, an ex-homicide detective, along with her Harlem colleague, Grace Wright, into helping with the investigation. Before Lysi knows it, she’s become the target of a sociopathic hit man.

Murder Lurks in the Fog is now available in both print and ebook formats.

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  1. Nancy, your new book sounds exciting. I’m lurking for my copy!

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