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Lysi’s San Francisco

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Lysi Weston is the main character in my travel mystery series. Her romantic “crush” is Aussie homicide detective, Maynard Christie and her best friend is Harlem-born Grace Wright. Weston, an international corporate trainer travels the world in her job. My mystery novels follow her on journeys from Australia, Southern Africa and France. My newest novel takes her home to San Francisco and follows her as she roams through some of the famous and not so famous sites of her beloved City by the Bay. In my book, Weston shares San Francisco sites with you, her fans.

Lysi lives in a condo on Franciscan Street near Coit Tower. She often walks her German shepherd up the nearby Filbert Steps. The 377 steps pass through quaint cottages and lovely gardens and end at Coit Tower. At the top of Telegraph Hill she takes Maynard into the 210-foot Coit Tower to see the lovely fresco murals depicting the history of everyday life of San Franciscans.

One of Lysi’s favorite places for a relaxing respite from her busy days is in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden. She takes Maynard for a cup of jasmine tea among clouds of pink cherry blossoms and a rainbow of blooming camellias and azaleas against a background of lush green shrubbery. A five-tiered Buddhist pagoda stands tall in the background as fish float in a stream below the teahouse.

A walk across the Golden Gate Bridge is truly a San Francisco experience. Lysi takes Maynard across the windy bridge. On the Marin side of the span at Vista Point the Lone Sailor Memorial, a life-size bronze statue of a sailor gazes back at San Francisco before sailing out the Golden Gate. About 1.5 million men and women shipped out from San Francisco during World War II to fight the war in the Pacific.

The bridge was designed to sway with strong winds off the Pacific. It can move up to 27 feet. The bridge with its two elegant art deco towers owes its orange vermillion color to the fact that it made it easier to see in fog and blended with the surrounding countryside.

Lysi loves ice cream. She shares that love with her colleague, Grace Wright, by taking her on the Powell Street cable car to San Francisco’s famous  Ghirardelli Square. The iconic clock tower that stands sentry over the famous square was built in 1916 and patterned after the tower of France’s Chateau de Blois. Lysi and Grace enter under the Ghirardelli arch into the historic Square and pass beneath a blue sign with big white letters that read, The Original Chocolate Manufactory. Old-fashioned chocolate processing equipment lines the brick wall in the rear of the shop—a Melanger, Chocolate Mills and a large oven for roasting beans. Tourists from all over the world rub shoulders with locals, old and young as they savor the delicious ice cream.

Other notable San Francisco sites Lysi shares with her friends are Union Square, Chinatown and Buena Vista—famous as the inventor of Irish Coffee.

As you read my new novel, imagine yourself exploring these famous San Francisco sites as Lysi Weston shares them with her story friends while investigating the murder of a beautiful San Francisco socialite.


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  1. Can’t wait! I’ve been looking forward to it for over a year now. I don’t see a release date. WHEN? is the question.


    • I am estimating a summer release. Thank you so much for your kind words Nancy Curteman Global Mysteries



  2. Have you a name for Lysi’s San Francisco adventure? Looking forward to it.


  3. Not yet. However, I’m considering “Murder in the Fog.” What do you think?


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