Posted by: nancycurteman | October 23, 2016

How to Write a Novel That’s Not a Mere Collection of Disconnected Events

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A well-written novel is a story not just a collection of disconnected events. In a story events flow through a character’s plan to achieve a goal. She will meet obstacles as she works to achieve her goal. These obstacles must not  pop up out of nowhere. This will poison your novel. Obstacles must relate to the character’s efforts and they must impact on her plans or produce some kind of growth in her. Magic and divine intervention should not play a role in overcoming a long, exhausting series of obstacles.

Disconnected events do not show how a character achieves her goals. They force a protagonist to face and overcome one obstacle after another without showing a path to progress. The character simply reacts. She must also plan, evaluate and adjust her plan then move forward to tackle the next obstacle. Allow your character’s plan to fail occasionally due to external circumstances or her own weaknesses or inappropriate application of her skills or strengths.

Make sure your novel consists of scenes that flow and are connected to previous scenes. A collection of disconnected events is not a novel.


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