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Corfu: Island of Music and Myth

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th-4The beautiful island of Corfu in the northwestern corner of Greece is a land of music and myth. Nana Mouskouri, the great Greek singer, praised the island of Corfu in her melodic rendition of “Roses Blanches de Corfu,” “White Roses of Corfu.” Perhaps she was singing about the lovely inns like the White Rose House outside Corfu Town.

Homer immortalized Corfu in his epic poem, the Odyssey. Legend has it that his hero, Odysseus, made the island his last stop before returning to Ithaca

Corfu has a long history. Artifacts from the Paleolithic period (40,000 to 30,000 BC) have been found in a cave at Gardiki. From 395 AD to 1267, Corfu was part of the Byzantine Empire. Over the years the Venetians, French and British each occupied the island. It became a part of Greece in 1864.

The old quarter of Kérkyra, the capitol city, is a treasure trove of ancient buildings constructed by the various nations that ruled Corfu. The old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Preserve. It nestles between two Venetian fortresses with its arcades facing the Spianáda or Esplanade.
Tourists delight in strolling through its little streets lined with pastel-hued, multi-storied buildings slatted Venetian-style shutters. Here you will find ancient cellars surrounded by stone staircases, old Venetian walls and hidden gardens. The Liston, modeled after the Parisian Rue de Rivoli, with its Napoleonic-French style arcaded terraces and fashionable cafes runs along one side of the Spianáda. This is a great quarter to relax in a café, sip a local drink, people watch and ponder Corfu’s colorful past and present.


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