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6 Must See Sites in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain’s beautiful jewel on the Mediterranean Sea is a tourist’s dream. The city has so many inviting places to see and things to do. If you only have a short time to explore you may have to narrow your choices. Here are 6 sites you won’t want to miss.

Güell Park

Antoni Gathudi, the celebrated Spanish architect, had a whimsical side to him. One of the best manifestations of this fanciful side of the great man is Barcelona’s famous Parc Güell. The park, with its numerous walking trails, is a fine example of Gaudi’s love of Catalan culture. As you travel the trails you’ll see everything from mosaic collages to mushroom-shaped chimneys. Housed in a beautiful pagan-style building is Sala Hipóstila, a mock indoor marketplace. On the steps leading up to Sala Hipóstila you’ll see tiled lizards. Rest for a moment on the mosaic snake-like bench, believed to be the longest bench in the world. Before leaving the park, visit the Gaudi House Museum where you’ll see the artist’s sketches and sculptures.

Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is an old part of the city. Here you can explore Barcelona’s medieval architecture. In the Plaça Sant Jaume, the central plaza, you can relax with a local beverage and people watch or be entertained by street performers.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is Gaudi’s magnum opus. It is a towering Gothic church with spires that are 558 feet high. The exterior is lovely with its tree-like buttresses and detailed façades. th-2The inside is just as beautiful with its stone columns and jewel-like stained-glass windows. Gaudi started the church in 1882 but did not finish it before his death.

Picasso Museum

Picasso fans will love the Picasso Museum. The museum displays Pablo Picasso’s early less distorted paintings through his more whimsical paintings and sculptures from the end of his career. The museum holds several thousand Picasso pieces along with some works of other artists such as El Greco and Rembrandt.

Palau de la Musica Catalana

Palau de la Musica Catalana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a great example of Art Nouveau. Exterior mosaic pillars and sculptures depict famous musicians lake Bach and Beethoven. Once inside the Palace of Catalan Music look upth-1c3c40018-1. You will see a massive stained glass central skylight. Artistic representations of popular Catalan music are on display throughout the building.

Santa Maria del Mar

A visit to this basilica is a walk through history. The basilica of Santa Maria del Mar is the icon of 14th century Catalan Gothic architecture. I
t began as a small chapel in 303 A.D. The cornerstone of the present temple was
laid in 1329. You will see 15th century stain glass windows
and art pieces from early centuries.

There’s much more to see in fabulous Barcelona. If you have time, consider taking some of the many scenic tours available.

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