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How to Use Social Media Marketing Sites to Promote Your Novel

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thAs authors, you know that these days you need to market your novel yourself. Social Media is a great marketing vehicle. There are a number of ways you can promote your novel on the top social media sites, such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.

To begin, you need to set up pages on all your media sites and post links to them from your blog and website. In addition, post links from your social media sites to your blog and website. Lets take a look at how to use these media sites.


Facebook is one of the most popular sites. The purpose of Facebook is to create relationships with people. Your goal is to create relationships with readers.

  • Interact with your users, engage them in conversations.
  • You may offer rewards to your Facebook fans—special sale on your books.
  • Upload images. They can attract interest and traffic.
  • Write content often.

Pinterest is a website that permits users to share images by “pinning” photos or videos to pinboards.

  • Register using your author name.
  • Like your website and Amazon sale page to each “pin,” to encourage traffic to these sites.
  • Upload images of your book covers and ask viewers to comment on them.
  • Upload images of you and your activities.
  • Follow other people’s boards that interest you and “re-pin” their images.

Twitter is a popular site for quick exposure. Tweet comments about topics that interest you and that are treated in your novels.

  • Create an account using your author name. Include a visually striking profile.
  • Follow other tweeters with whom you share similar interests.
  • Retweet other users posts, comment on their tweets and answer their questions.
  • Become an expert in your area of interest, especially as those interests relate to the subjects of your novels.
  • Offer helpful links, resources and general information on your special topic.
  • Ask questions.

LinkedIn is your first line of introduction to people who may have an interest in your writing genre.

  • Create a complete profile emphasizing your writing genre to attract interest.
  • Make your profile visible to others.
  • Upload a clear photo of yourself. Readers love to see what their authors look like.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn Groups. Post and answer questions within the group.
  • Check out LinkedIn Answers located under the “More” section on the top toolbar. Browse the questions and answer the ones that relate to your expertise.

Google+ is similar to Facebook and provides another vehicle for visibility.

  • Share images of your book covers.
  • Post status regarding book sales and book events.
  • use the unique video chat feature offered by Google+ to foster relationships.

Include your social media site addresses on your emails, bookmarks, business cards and other marketing materials.

Make it a habit to market your novels. It took time and effort to write them. Now you need to put time and effort into marketing them.

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  1. Is Instagram helpful to? If yes then how do you use that? Would be great if you could help xD


    • Jade, I just started using Instagram and am still weighing the benefits associated with it. I use the SEO to display images of my book covers.
      I didn’t include it in my blog post because I need more info about its benefits to writers.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh okay I just started intagram too. Think we can help each other out on it. But thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Great idea. Two heads are better than one.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yup! My insta link is on my site below I’ll follow you back! 🙂


      • I was at your site and didn’t see Insta. Nancy Curteman Global Mysteries

        Liked by 1 person

      • It is down with the widgets….I gave you a follow 🙂


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