Posted by: nancycurteman | May 2, 2015

The Black Forest: Kirsch, Cake, and Cuckoo Clocks

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Germany takes great pride in the beautiful mountain range they call The Black Forest. This sea of green is located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany. The name, Black Forest, comes from the dark green colors of the conifer trees that make up the forest.

The region is famous for its handcrafted cuckoo clocks. We visited the House of Black Forest Clocks, a family owned producer of cuckoo clocks. We saw a demonstration of the process involved in making these unusual clocks. The quality and variety of the clocks was astounding. There was even a huge clock with life-size dancers performing on the hour.

The Black Forest area is also famous for its Black Forest Cherry Cake. The cakes are a luscious combination of chocolate, whipped cream, cherries and a generous portion of Kirsch. Kirsch liqueur is a German specialty made from tiny sour cherries about the size of

The lovely scenery, adorable cuckoo clocks and Black Forest Cherry Cake make a trip to the Black Forest an unforgettable experience.


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  1. Not the Black Forest Cherry Cake, please! Pictures of cuckoo clocks, okay. Clock houses, okay. But if I visited a place like the Black Forest where they make those cakes I’d have to waddle home. 🙂


    • That’s exactly what we did. We gobbled up a huge piece of Black Forest Cake and almost sank the ship when returned to our state room.


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