Posted by: nancycurteman | January 10, 2015

10 Ways to Solve the Search Engine Optimization Mystery

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thIt’s easy to solve the Search Engine Optimization mystery. SEO is simply a process that enables people to locate your blog site and topics online. An effective SEO procedure will rank your site higher on search result pages and produce more frequent appearances of your site/topics on those pages. Here are some simple strategies to help you navigate the mysterious world of Search Engine Optimization:

  1. Decide on your blog topic and stick to it. Web crawlers lose track of frequently changing blog titles. My blog topic is Global Mysteries with a clarifying subheading, Travel the World in Mystery Novels.
  2. Incorporate a key word from your blog topic in every post you make. My key words are either mystery or travel.
  3. Include your key word in blog post titles. Here are a couple of titles I’ve used: “Mystery Novels, Why so Popular” and “Stonehenge and the Amesbury Archer Mystery.”
  4. Place your key word in the first paragraph of your piece, and several times in the body of your post. Include the key word in your tags and your category list. By the way, lose “uncategorized” from your category list. Web crawlers can’t use it.
  5. Cross link between other posts on your blog site that provide similar information. Embed the links directly into your post. Or add a phrase at the end of your piece like “More Information” or “More Tips.” List similar blog posts under it.
  6. Link to other blog sites like yours. On my site I have a blog roll that lists other interesting travel and writing sites. I also have a list of resource sites. I often embed hyperlinks to other relevant sites in the body of my blog posts.
  7. It’s helpful if other sites backlink to you, but it’s not something you can control. Try commenting on other sites. Those sites may backlink to yours. Doing guest blogs is also helpful.
  8. Updating content keeps search engines crawling back which gives additional weight to your site. Try for at least one post a week.
  9. Images can also help hold the reader’s interest and can lead them to click other content on your site, as well. I’ve had several clicks on my images only.
  10. Link to social networks like Facebook. Google+ and Twitter. The more exposure the better.

Remember, Search Engine Optimization allows you to market your blog site at no cost to you.

Check out Website Grader to find out how well search engines are finding your site.

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