Posted by: nancycurteman | June 30, 2014

How Mystery Writers Use Multiple Points of View

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iStock_000003688168XSmallWorrySitFemale2Mystery writers often use multiple points of view as a strategy for creating tension in their novels. Point of view changes in mystery novels are a great vehicle for raising the level of suspense. This strategy enables mystery authors to create events and reveal information slowly through more than one character’s perspective. Point of view changes can enable authors to stretch their plot over more than one location at the same time. Some authors may find a linear format timeline easier.

Consider these points when writing multiple points of view:

• In most mystery novels three to five point of view characters are enough.

• The start of a new chapter is the best place to move to a new character point of view.

• A new scene and setting will also work. Remember to leave some white space before starting a new scene.

• Try to make each point of view character unique and distinct with her own set of goals.

• Sometimes there are two point of view characters in a scene. In this case, choose the character that has most at stake and write from her perspective.

Use multiple points of view in your mystery novel and watch the plot thicken.

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