Posted by: nancycurteman | January 29, 2014

Free Book Marketing Using Email

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You can market your book for free using email . In fact, you can do a much better job promoting your book using your personally developed email lists than commercial marketers. Why? Because you will target recipients who are interested in your specific type of novel.

This is not the case with commercial marketers. Most of the email campaign services you’re likely to encounter are not targeted at all, despite what they may claim. Even if you pay big bucks to purchase an email campaign, the origin of the list was probably grabbed off the Internet. It is likely the emails will go to an unsorted group of recipients who have no interest at all in your novel and your press release will end up in their spam box.

Do-it-yourself is better and free. Here’s how to do it:

• Develop your email list from people who know you: networking partners, past customers, family, friends, business associates, organizations, social groups and clubs to which you belong.

• Develop your list from groups that have an interest in your genre: Specialty book clubs (mystery, sci-fi, romance, history), special interest groups that have interests that relate to some element in your novel (travel, history, cooking, gardening, animals).

• Join organizations that promote authors and request permission to access their email list: writers organizations like California Writers Club, genre organizations like Mystery Writers of America or Romance Writers.

• Add to your list at every opportunity by asking people you meet everyday if they would like you to place them on your email list. Many will consent.

• Once you have your email list, use it conservatively. Use it to announce your new novel or that your novel received an award. I can’t stress enough that you mustn’t email your contacts frivolously. Use Facebook or other social media for casual comments.

• Develop a short, succinct and interesting press release about your book including a cover image. Add links to your website and sale pages, e.g. Amazon.

• Finally, send out your email blast.

You will see that do-it-yourself email campaigns are much more effective than commercial ones and much cheaper. In fact, Free.

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  1. Hi Nancy, I know we haven’t met, I’m working on WritersTalk with Marjorie. I want to congratulate you on getting your book into the Library. You and Chess Desalls are the only SBW authors who have a book in a library, at least that I know.

    Also I want to thank you for sharing this delightful post on using the email for distributing ebooks. Great idea. I wish we could get you to do another speaking engagement at Harry’s Haufbrau. Would you consider it?

    Keep on writing,


  2. Hi Linda, So glad you enjoyed my post on email marketing. You asked if I would be interested in doing another presentation for South Bay. Did you have a topic in mind?


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