Posted by: nancycurteman | February 15, 2013

Murder and Munchies a Marvelous Mix

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ANZAC biscuitsRecently I did a book event at our local library in which I reviewed my latest novel, Murder Down Under, set in Australia. At the event I provided a light snack. Not just any snack. I baked ANZAC biscuits that were featured in my novel. I also distributed the recipes for some of the desserts my characters raved about in my book—ANZAC Biscuits, Lamingtons and Pavlova. I provided a short history of these three traditional Aussie desserts.

The impact of this simple addition to a book event surprised me. People in the audience asked several questions about the biscuits and how they related to my story. Further, I got requests for the recipes from my Facebook and Blog readers. This was quite a learning experience for me.

All my novels are set in the places I visit. For example, my next novel is set in Cape Town, South Africa. When I do future book events, I will always bring tastes of the foods my characters eat and provide recipes for my readers. As I see it, this practice promotes camaraderie with my readers and helps them relate in a very basic way to my story characters. Try it. Your readers will love it.

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  1. That’s a wonderful idea! Everyone loves food. I set my stories in places where I have traveled as well. My first two were set in Lincolnshire and Wales.
    Could you post your recipe for ANZAC biscuits? I just heard them mentioned in another novel set in Australia by Bruce Courtenay.


    • Kathleen, I will post the recipe and the history of ANZAC biscuits in my next blog post. Several people have asked for it.


  2. I think this is a SUPER idea, NC. People relate to food . . . and it will probably cause them to relate you YOU and your writing as well.


    • I’m looking forward to sharing some Cape Town specialities.


  3. I’m waiting for your mystery on the Moon. Will you be bringing green cheese? (grin)


    • I thought the moon was made of jack cheese. It’s the same color.


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