Posted by: nancycurteman | November 22, 2012

Celebrate Black Friday With a Weekend Special Purchase of “Murder Down Under”

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In keeping with the big Black Friday sales, I am offering a 10% discount on the purchase of the print version of my novel, “Murder Down Under” to my readers now through Sunday evening.

Here is how you can get the discount. Click on this link: The link will bring up my book. Then click the “Add to Cart” on the left hand side of the page, underneath the cover image. From there you can enter the number of books you wish to purchase, and enter this discount code:  R8LN9UW3. Once you have that finalized, the next button will take you to shipping information, and then again to billing information. The final click through is the confirmation page and then the book will ship to you. That’s it.

Here are a couple of reader reviews:


Love the Characters
By Juli Fernandez

“Murder Down Under” is a mystery full of unexpected events. The ending is a complete surprise. I enjoy that kind of book. However, what I really love in this novel are the characters. The three main characters are so real. Lysi Weston is smart, curious and persistent. Her African-American colleague is feisty and funny. The Australian detective is handsome, strong and somewhat befuddled by Lysi’s antics. The supporting characters are just as interesting: an endearing grandmother, a scary voyeur, a good-looking black businessman and a really awful cop. If you like a good story line, this book is for you. If you love realistic characters, don’t miss “Murder Down Under.” By the way, Curteman’s other novel, “Murder in a Teacup” is also a great read.

A Great Mystery Puzzle

Do you like a good mystery puzzle? I do. That’s why I liked this book. Lysi Weston, a corporate trainer from San Francisco, and Grace Wright, her down-to-earth African American colleague, attend a conference in Australia. They discover a dead body. An Australian detective enters the picture and the story races forward in this complex plot. Suspects pile up. Dead-end trails lead to nowhere. Cultures clash. The book is peopled with a cast of unique characters, some funny, some sad, some plagued with scary emotional problems. It all comes together in a surprise ending that you don’t see coming despite all the foreshadowing Curteman deftly provides.


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