Posted by: nancycurteman | September 13, 2012

Author Interview

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Just a quick note to let you know Nancy Wood has just posted an interview with me on her site. The questions relate to my history as a writer. If interested, take a peek.


  1. Hi Nancy, I am having trouble reaching you by email, so here is my question/concern. Will you please write something about what makes a book cheesy. My first murder mystery (with some romance) has been called cheesy by one reviewer. That’s such an overused word and has many meanings, so I would like to know what you think it means and how I can avoid making my next murder mystery (with some romance) cheesy. I know your insights and advice will help many of us just entering the Indie world. Thank you so much!


    • Marilyn, The first thing I would say is you should not take the opinion of one reviewer as scripture, particularly a reviewer who uses terms like “cheesy.” This term tells you very little about the quality of your novel. That said, “cheesy” has several connotations as you know. Cliche is one of them (interesting that your reviewer used a cliche expression like “cheesy” to evaluate your novel). One way to avoid this type of useless criticism is to try to be original in your descriptions, metaphors and similes. Also, don’t write love, suspense and murder scenes that are too long and too graphic. Leave something to your reader’s imagination. Practice “innuendo” a bit.
      Remember that the purpose of a review is to clearly point out the good and/or bad elements in an author’s writing to enable improvement. Reviewers who offer specific praise and criticism are an author’s friends. I would ignore those who practice rude generalities.


      • Thank you so much, Nancy, for your kind and instructive words and for replying so quickly. You have helped me tremendously. You’ve boosted my confidence and told me how to improve my writing. I thank you again. Hugs, Marilyn


  2. Marilyn, I’m glad I could help.


  3. Good interview, Nancy.
    Nancy’s questions gave you a nice template.

    My first mysteries were Nancy Drew too.



    • Nancy Drew was sort of a hero to young girls of my generation.


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