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Review Rates Murder Down Under 5.0 out of 5 Amazon Stars

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I just realized I should be posting some reviews of my novels on Global Mysteries. So here is one. You can read several reviews on the site.

5.0 out of 5 stars An Australian Murder Mystery
Michael Thal “Michael” (Sherman Oaks, CA)

Lysi Westin and her partner Grace Wright are in Sydney, Australia for a conference on sexual harassment. They plan to take an evening off for dinner with Grace’s childhood friend, Marita. But that meal never materializes for Marita was brutally murdered.

“Murder Down Under” by Nancy Curteman is a fast-paced murder mystery where amateur sleuth, Lysi Westin attempts to unravel a tangled assortment of leads and incriminating evidence to determine Marita’s killer. As Lysi gets stuck in a cobweb of facts and misinformation, Maynard Christie, an attractive Sydney detective working on the murder investigation, tries to thwart her meddling.

Sparks fly between Lysi and Maynard as Grace comforts Marita’s grieving fiancé. Through the complex plot twists Curteman shows us Australia with a colorful narrative style depicting the Aussie continent’s culture and landscape.

Murder Down Under is written in the third person omniscient point of view. By exploring characters’ thoughts readers are provided an enjoyable read by a very talented writer. And the good news is, another Lysi Westin novel, “Murder in a Teacup,” is waiting in the wings to be read


  1. “Murder Down Under” is a novel,I would like to read. Sounds very interesting!


  2. Congratulations, Nancy! Well deserved.


    • Thanks Gretchen. I’m enjoying the marketing of my book more than I thought I would.


  3. OK, OK, I bought it. Now if you drop the price again….))


    • Thanks Richard. You’re a great support. When your book comes out I’ll be first in line to purchase it.


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