Posted by: nancycurteman | August 2, 2012

Technorati, a Great Resource for Bloggers

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I just signed on with Technorati, a great resource for bloggers. If you own a blog or website, and want to drive targeted traffic to your site, Technorati is for you because it provides an easy method for information seekers to find the exact blog they need.

Technorati is also a good way for you to find blogs similar to yours. It enables you to check for inbound links on the articles you write so you can join the discussions on the sites that linked to those articles. This is important because fewer sites send and accept trackbacks these days. It’s a great blog-to-blog networking tool. Say you read an interesting article on a blog you discover. You can then click over to Technorati to see who linked to the article. From there, you can visit the sites that interest you.

I’m excited about using Technorati to search the blogosphere.

Learn more: on Technorati


  1. Great information. Thank you!


    • I’m glad it was helpful information. I enjoyed visiting your site. Great photos. Especially liked the post about the one Christmas tradition we didn’t steal.


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