Posted by: nancycurteman | July 27, 2012

“Murder In a Teacup” Free for One Day!

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July 27  TODAY ONLY go to to download a free copy of my book “Murder in a Teacup” #WLC #WLCFreeToday #WLCAuthor

Corporate Trainer, Lysi Weston, leaves liberal San Francisco to present a sexual harassment seminar in Big Sky country. She isn’t surprised at resistance from Montana “Marlboro Men,” but the murder of her partner stuns her. Things get hotter than a Montana heat wave when Weston finds herself immersed in a hostile world that includes a lecherous redneck, a corporate Casanova, a sex-obsessed judo junkie, a terrified gay victim and a congenial killer who tries to pamper her to death with Oleander-laced tea. A Cheyenne detective with an appreciative eye for Lysi adds a bit of spice to the novel.

My Other Novels:  Murder Down Under    Lethal Lesson


  1. Sigh. I already BOUGHT it. ))


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