Posted by: nancycurteman | June 28, 2012

Celebrate the History-Making Supreme Court Decision Upholding ObamaCare

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I’m delighted the Supreme Court declared ObamaCare to be constitutional because

• Now the U.S. will no longer be the only industrialized country that doesn’t provide health care for its people. How embarrassing that was!

• Now our adult children who can’t find jobs in this economy can stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26.

• Now our insurance will not be cut because we have an illness that is expensive to treat. How uncaring!

• Now insured people can stop paying over a thousand dollars a year for the expensive treatment of uninsured people who rush to the hospital emergency room with a stomach ache because they can’t afford a primary care provider. How inefficient was that!

• Now women will no longer be charged higher insurance premiums than men. How unfair!

• Now insurance companies can no longer refuse insurance because of pre-existing conditions. How inhumane!

By the way, Romney made it clear he doesn’t understand the function of the Supreme Court when he stated that the court said ObamaCare was not unconstitutional but did not say it was a good law or good policy. Hey Mr. Romney, it is not the job of the court to determine if a law is good policy or a good law. The function of the court is to determine if the law is constitutional. That’s all. (High School Government class).
Uhh, no comment.

Oh yes and a quick response to the doctor who said ObamaCare presented a problem because now clinics would be overcrowded. Please! The solution to overcrowded clinics is not to provide health care for fewer Americans. The solution is to build more clinics.

It is indeed time to celebrate America’s humane treatment of all her citizens. Thank you President Obama.


  1. Yes, indeed…a happy day!


    • Now is the time to start supporting Obama for president. We can’t let Romney keep his promise to undo all our strides in health care.


  2. Hurray from Canada!


    • How do Canadians like their health care program?


  3. For the most part, we feel blessed. There are some wait times for some procedures but usually things are handled very well. Our medical profession is top notch and sometimes i feel they are over worked. I have my own health coverage for drugs and dental in my retirement package and I pay extra for that. But in the event of an emergency or a required procedure and surgery…it is taken care of by health care….recently some issues in the news around immigration health care when individuals are not granted immigration status for whatever reason..but that is under scrutiny….no Canadian wants anyone to suffer needlessly…


    • “…no Canadian wants anyone to suffer needlessly…” Such a wonderful comment. I feel exactly the same as an American. It saddens me when my fellow citizens complain because they think they might have to pay a bit more or wait a bit longer for their health service. Their uncharitable solution is to not expand care to other less fortunate people. Such ignorance. Our Emergency rooms, the most expensive care, are full of people who cannot afford primary care. Who do they think pays for that? Anyway, I think more Americans are jumping on board for Obamacare. Thanks for sharing info about Canadian health care.


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