Posted by: nancycurteman | June 4, 2012

“Murder Down Under” Available in Both E-Book and Print Formats

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I’m pleased to announce that Solstice Publishing has now released  my new novel, “Murder Down Under,” in both print and e-book formats. It is currently available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Solstice Publishing, Smashwords and Fictionwise.

If you like mystery, history and culture, read on.

When corporate trainer Lysi Weston attends a conference in Sydney, Australia, g’day turns into a very bad day after her Harlem-born colleague, Grace Wright, stumbles on the battered body of a childhood friend. Determined to sniff out the murderer, Lysi embarks on a labyrinth of trails that lead her to suspect a womanizing cop, a suave Black businessman and a voyeur who videos his victims.

Handsome Detective Maynard Christie tolerates Lysi’s meddling in his case until it jeopardizes his investigation. He orders her to stay out of his way, a directive she ignores. Both irritated with and attracted to her he begins to long for the quiet life on his Outback sheep station.

What Lysi does not anticipate is Grace succumbing to the charms of the prime suspect. A second homicide leads Lysi to an unexpected rendezvous with the murderer who is set on eliminating the last piece of incriminating evidence–Lysi Weston.


  1. I am both delighted and impressed that this has happened. No, wait, I’m also jealous! Great job!


    • Thanks Richard. That’s why I hang around capable people like you. Your skills rub off on me.


  2. This has been a long time coming to fruition. I am so happy that it is finally here as now Nancy can relaxe a little bit before all her rush to complete and publish her next big novel birth. Yes there is another in the hopper. Nancy will be out and about promoting Murder Down Under and I will be at her side offering helping where ever I can.


    • Thank you Larry. You have always been a patient support.


  3. Nancy, I’m going to download it and put it on my review list. I’m looking forward to it.


    • Marcia, That’s great. I’ll look forward to reading your review. This novel is my favorite so far. I love the main characters. I can’t wait to hear your comments. The fact is, I learn a lot from reviewers. Since I’m writing my fourth novel, I expect to apply most of the things I learn from my reviewers.


  4. Way to go, NC! 😀


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