Posted by: nancycurteman | January 20, 2012

How to Create a Press Kit

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These days authors must market their books themselves. A press kit is an essential tool in your marketing effort. Your press kit is where you will house information about yourself and your books in an easily accessible format that you can send to the media at a moments notice. Here are 8 items you need to include in your author’s press kit:

1. A cover page with your jpeg author photo that briefly introduces you and the contents of your press kit. Include your name, e-mail address and your web page URL

2. A one-page press release that hypes your novel. Include a jpeg photo of your book cover.

3. A short author bio—no more than 150 words—similar to what you might place on the back of your book cover.

4. A book order information sheet that includes the cost of your book and where it can be purchased.

5. A sheet listing your novel’s reviews and awards if any.

6. A set of interview questions interviewers could ask. Add your responses to the questions. This list will make it easier for the media to quickly formulate their own interview questions as well.

7. Add your business card with contact information to your packet.

8. Important: You need to create your press kit in more than one format—hard copy, Dvd and an electronic copy. This way you can provide for any kind of format required by anyone who requests your press kit.

There are other items you may wish to add to your press kit but remember to keep it short and concise. Media people are busy and will not take the time to peruse long drawn-out segments of your press kit.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Nancy! Nicely done.


  2. These are some timely tips. Great job Nancy


  3. Good items to include. Thanks, NC!


  4. Nancy . . . It intrigues and amuses me at how similar this is, with differences re technology, etc., to the press kits I used to put together for clients to announce a new product . . .


    • Interesting. What are a couple of the similarities?


  5. It’s good to have all these tips in one place. And I thought I was done when my novella was completed and edited. (Well, not really, but I haven’t faced up to compiling this stuff yet.)


    • These days a writer’s work doesn’t end with a completed manuscript. Marketing has become the job of the author.


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  7. I hope you don’t mind me re-blogging this post. I am trying my hand at marketing and have some signings to do in the near future. When they asked me for a press kit, I knew I had to find some information. Thanks for your article.
    Being new to WordPress, please excuse me if I overstepped by not asking permission first to reblog.


    • I don’t mind you re-blogging my post on How to Create a Press kit. I hope it’s helpful to you and your followers.


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