Posted by: nancycurteman | January 5, 2012

14 Suggestions for Creating a Marketing Plan


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An author no longer just writes. Now she must also market her book. This can be a time-consuming job that steals time away from writing. Here are 14 suggestions for creating a marketing plan that will make your marketing job a little easier.

1. Begin by creating an author platform. I will do a post on forming a platform next week.

2. Solicit writing club support: California Writers Club, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America

3. Create a Press Kit. I will do a post on what to include in a Press Kit very soon. Watch for it.

4. Hold reading events at places like book clubs, bookstores, Open Mikes and libraries.

5. Volunteer to be a guest speaker at writing clubs, writing conferences and other literary events.

6. Create your own readership. Start with friends and family and branch out from there.

7. Find reviewers. Gently encourage readers who enjoyed your book to take a few moments to review it. They might review it on their own blog, Facebook or even Amazon.

8. Plug your book on your signature line. Every time you friend a new person on Facebook or meet a new Twitter pal, end your greeting to them with a signature that links to your book’s landing page.

9. Create a landing page for your book. Include a brief bio and photo of yourself, an image of the book cover, a short story description and comments from readers who enjoyed your novel. Provide a link to your book’s selling page.

10. Ask your writing club to announce the book to its members and on its website

11. Join online groups related to writing and publishing like “Authors, Writers, Publishers, and Editors.” Join in their discussions and add comments.

12. Write letters to published mystery writers and request that they read and endorse your novel.

13. Donate a free copy of your novel to your local library.

14. Ask your local book store managers to allow you to do book signings at their store or set up a table inside or outside for a meet and greet the author event.

If you have other suggestions for creating a market plan I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Great list, but how do you find time to write? The world of writing and publication is moving so fast now…


    • Richard, You have posed the question in the minds of most of today’s writers—How do you find time to write? I guess every author has to figure out her own answer.


  2. Good list, NC. I’m sharing it with someone who just published a memoir, Dancing In Heaven.

    Christine’s latest post:


    • Thanks for passing on my tips. I’ve used several of them myself and am going to test out others.


  3. Thanks for the tips. Nancy sent me. I’m glad she did.


    • Hi Christine, Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope the tips are useful to you.


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