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Market Your Novel For Free


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Killer IdeasAs every writer knows your work doesn’t end when you publish your novel. Marketing your book is the laborious and often expensive process that begins when your writing ends. In fact you might spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars launching your book. So writers need to grab any available free publicity they can find. Here are some ways to market your novel for free.

The best free marketing source for your novel is the Internet. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are great vehicles for getting your book out to the public. An easy start is to begin posting your book information on free sites like Authors on the Cheap and Indie Kindle Books on Amazon. Be sure to include purchase information and a tantalizing pitch.

Another Internet strategy is to identify online groups that might have an interest in topics touched on in your novel. For example, Yahoo has groups interested in mystery  and romance novels. In my novel I touch on sexual harassment issues. I found groups who share that interest. Let these groups know about your book. Even your story setting can interest a group. I set one of my novels in the Outback Australia, and found an interest group on that topic.

Another use of the interest group strategy is to write articles for ezines about issues you deal with in your novels. You can also make comments on various related blogs. Each time, sign the pieces with a link to your novel’s sales page or your website.

Query book bloggers and reviewers.Request that they review your book. Many will. Then you plug their sites on your website or blog.

A writer I read about does author presentations using Skype. She prepares and presents the program the same way she would for a personal author appearance. I now have a skype presentation on my to-do list.

Perhaps you’ve discovered other creative ways to market your novel for free. Share your ideas with your fellow writers.

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  1. Great information as usual. Thanks.


    • Thanks. I want to try the Skype method.


  2. […] 14151617181920 […]


  3. SKYPE, eh? Good idea.


    • Have you tried marketing on Skype?


  4. Great tips, NC.


  5. Thanks so much for sahring this valuable info, Nancy – filed for future reference 🙂


    • Naomi,
      Glad you’re filing this info for future reference. However, if you’re getting close to finishing your novel, you may want to begin implementing some of the strategies right now. Good luck.


  6. I believe that I can use these methods as well for getting out notice of photographs which I post on web.


  7. Hi Larry,
    You are right. Begin exploring photography groups on Yahoo and Google. Good luck.


  8. Excellent tips all. Since the launch of my novel CROSSWINDS AT CAMPO CARCASSO last summer, I have worked endlessly on promotions. I really want to write, not do marketing, but you are right. Every day an author must create more of an internet presence as well as write. One feeds the other, so to speak. I created my platform and upon reading it, I realize I have a great following with my magazine writing, and have done many presentations and booksignings, but I am waiting for it to take on a life of its own and fly to the bestseller list…no such luck. But your blog was helpful with new ideas. ANITA VENEZIA


    • Anita, I hear you when you say you want to write not market. Most authors would agree but these days we don’t have much of a choice unless as you say we are a best seller. I visited your site. Really well done. Your book sounds fascinating.


  9. YOU WERE KIND TO ANSWER ME PERSONALLY, WRITERS UNDERSTAND THE DIFFICULTY OF BEING CREATIVE ONE MINUTE AND A PUSHY PROMOTER THE NEXT. I GET WONDERFUL VERBAL REVIEWS ABOUT MY BOOK, BUT NO ONE ACTUALLY TAKES THE TIME TO PUT IT IN PRINT SO i CAN USE IN PR. Yesterday, at a funeral, a reader made her way through the crowd especially to compliment me on my book that she had just finished. The remarks were glowing, but alas! unusable as it was said in passing. How does one button down a reader to actually go on record about a good story and in turn get a buzz going? I have decided to write a non-fiction book about how indies can self-publish, no longer a stigma, thank God, and how to build a platform and get out the word. The writing commmunity is a great help and so many are selfless to assist others. I appreciate your comments and wish you well in all your endeavours. Sincerely, ANITA VENEZIA


  10. Anita,
    I’m very interested in your proposed non-fition book about how indies can self-publish and I always look for new ideas about building a platform. Please keep me informed about your new book.


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