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How to Market Your EBook Mystery Novel


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Killer IdeasThese days a large percentage of mystery novels are sold in electronic format. There’s an increasing number of readers out there who love to unravel mystery puzzles using their electronic readers, smart phones and iPads. The job of the mystery writer is to market mysteries to this growing generation of digital mystery fans. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Create a landing page for your book. Include a brief bio and photo of yourself, an image of the book cover, a short story description and comments from readers who enjoyed your novel. Provide a link to your book’s selling page.

Start a blog. The topic should relate in some way to your genre. My blog, Global Mysteries, deals with mystery writing, writers and mystery novels. Since I like to travel I throw in travel tips.

Visit other blogs. Visit and comment on other blogs that deal with your topic of interest. Establish a digital relationship with some of the bloggers. You would be surprised how supportive and helpful they can be.

Create your own readership. Start with friends and family. Expand to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Link your blog to your social networks. Branch out by accepting speaking opportunities at local book clubs, writing groups and anywhere else there is interest in your genre.

Keep the cost of your eBook low. People are more willing to try an electronic novel by a new author if the cost is reasonable.

Find reviewers. Gently encourage readers who enjoyed your book to take a few moments to review it. They might review it on their own blog, Facebook or even Amazon.

Write a press release. There are free press release sites online. Find them and use them. One source to check out is Free Press

Plug your book on your signature line. Every time you friend a new person on Facebook or meet a new Twitter pal, end your greeting to them with a signature that links to your book’s landing page.

Marketing your eBook mystery novel in the digital world is easy, interesting, fun and effective.

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  1. No question you know how to do this. Makes you the “go-to” person, doesn’t it? (grin)


    • Thanks Richard. As authors in this fast-paced new world of eBooks we’re all learning. As a matter of fact, new strategies seem to emerge all the time and that keeps us adding new marketing ideas.


  2. Sound advice. You’ve provided useful tips for marketing books in general,
    not just mystery novels.


    • Art,
      I agree. These tips will work for all genres and for both fiction and nonfiction books. For nonfiction, you may want to search for a niche on your specific topic.


  3. As always, a great informative post Nancy, thank you.


  4. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the great advice! I’m currently working on my first novel and will be looking to self-publish and promote my work and these tips will come in handy.



    • Hi Becky,
      Glad I could help. I’ll be doing more posts on branding and marketing. Good luck on completing and publishing your first novel.


  5. As a new author, I wish I had come across your blog a year before I published my novel, “The Floating Man.” I am following all your advice but would urge authors to have their social media platform up and running a year before publication.


    • For me, marketing is the hardest part of being an author. Social media is laborious but effective. You’re right, start your platform early.


  6. Reblogged this on Author JW Metcalf.


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