Posted by: nancycurteman | October 4, 2011

Mka Mystery Lady Reviews “Murder in a Teacup”

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Marcia Applegate, the MkaMysteryLady, has reviewed my novel, “Murder in a Teacup.” She has done an excellent job capturing the essence of my book. This talented reviewer not only draws potential readers into the story plot, she unobtrusively inserts comments about characters, Cheyenne culture and life in the small Montana town that is the setting of my novel. On her blog, MkaMysteryLady, Marcia has written several interesting book reviews. I recommend her site to my readers who have an interest in reading new mysteries as well as writing them. After reading her review, I felt like purchasing the book myself.


  1. Always cool to get another endorsement!


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  3. Glad to see a link to a review of your book. I’ll check it out.


    • Thanks for offering to check out the novel. Let me know when yours is available.


  4. How wonderful! Enjoyed her review. And your book! 😀


    • It was really great that mkamysterylady was willing to review my book. Your review really helped as well. Thank you.


  5. Nancy, I keep coming back. I love your review of my review. I always delight in your comment that you felt like buying the book yourself. What a high compliment to a reviewer, because, of course, that’s the whole point. I hope you and your readers keep coming back to to see what’s going on there.


  6. Nancy, it’s getting close to Thanksgiving, and I do want to let you know that you are one of the people for which I am thankful, not just at special times, but all the time. I read and enjoy your newsletters; keep up the good work!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


    • Marcia,
      What a lovely note. Thank you. It’s been such a pleasure meeting you online. I hope one day to meet you in person. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family as well.


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