Posted by: nancycurteman | September 13, 2011

A New Global Mystery Novel: Murder in a Teacup

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I’m excited to announce that my mystery novel, “Murder In A Teacup,” is now available on Amazon. Here is a brief description of the plot:

When Corporate Trainer, Lysi Weston, leaves liberal San Francisco to present a sexual harassment seminar in Big Sky country. She isn’t surprised at resistance from Montana “Marlboro Men,” but the murder of her partner stuns her. She sniffs out a maze of suspects and tracks each one with the single-mindedness of a bloodhound. Cheyenne detective, James Tennyson, tolerates Lysi’s meddling until it jeopardizes his investigation. He orders her to stay out of his case, a directive she ignores. Things get hotter than a Montana heat wave when Weston finds herself immersed in a hostile world that includes a lecherous redneck, a corporate Casanova, a sex-obsessed judo junkie and a terrified gay victim. Somewhere a killer lurks. Weston needs to find the killer before the killer finds her.

I had a lot of fun writing this mystery novel. I tried to include unexpected twists and turns, suspenseful moments and a bit of romance.

Watch for my next novel, “Murder Down Under,” set in Sydney, Australia and in the Australian Outback.

Other Lysi Weston Novels:

Lethal Lesson


  1. Marlboro Man? Is Tom Selleck going to star in the movie? 🙂 Congrats with the new book.


    • Thanks. I’m taking a leap in the dark. Send good thoughts.


  2. I wish you much success, Nancy. Well done.


    • Thanks for the good wishes. This is my way of following the “turtle advice.”

      “The only way the lowly turtle progresses is by sticking her neck out.”


  3. How exciting! I’ll pop right over and have a look. 😀


  4. Nancy ~ Your Amazon link is NOT working.

    The Lethal Lesson link is OK.


    • Thanks, Nancy. I checked it out. I’m not sure what the problem is, but I sent a request for help.


    • Hi Nancy,
      The link is now fixed. Thanks again for catching it.


      • Just bought my copy! Yay!


  5. Congratulations on your work! You are inspiring me to continue my journey as an aspiring and still practising writer.


    • The world of publishing is rapidly changing. I think there is more opportunity than ever to get your work out there. The other wonderful thing about our profession is the tremendous support and encouragement writers provide each other. I can hardly wait to read your first novel.


  6. And I didn’t get the news first? I’m crushed!
    Congratulations, Nancy. Is there a Kindle edition?


    • Yes, I think you bought it. Thanks, Pal. Nancy 🙂


  7. Nancy, novel sounds like it has real promise, and I’d love to get it and review it, but Amazon and my iPad don’t get along. Is it also available on Nook?


    • Hi Marcia,
      Thanks for offering to review my book. That would be great. It is not Nook compatible. However, it is iPad compatible. Here’s how to do it:
      1. On your iPad go to your App. Store.
      2. Tap categories at the bottom of the iPad.
      3. Do a search for Kindle App
      4. Tap Kindle and follow instructions for downloading.
      My husband has an iPad and he downloads from Amazon with no problem.
      I read some of your reviews. They are well written and informative.
      Thanks again,


  8. […] releases by blogging buddies:  Dancing in Heaven (Christine M. Grote) * Murder in a Teacup (Nancy Curteman) * Witchcanery (Sandra Bell Kirchman) * Show Me How!  (Vivian Kirkfield) *The […]


    • Thanks so much for plugging my novel. You’re a good cyber buddy.


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