Posted by: nancycurteman | June 8, 2011

12 Reasons Mystery Writers Should Consider E-Publishing

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Mystery writers should look carefully at the exploding world of digital publishing. The year 2011 has seen a dramatic increase in both the number of e-books published and the number purchased. The advent of electronic readers is fast driving electronic books towards a tipping point that will result in them surpassing print books in popularity. Here are 12 reasons mystery writers should consider e-publishing their novels.

  1. Amazon has recently sold more e-books than print books.
  2. Many print book publishers are now publishing books in digital versions as well as paper formats.
  3. Mark Coker, CEO of Smashwords a digital publishing house, claims his company’s biggest number of downloaded books goes to iPhone users followed by other E-readers.
  4. E-books can be ordered through brick and mortar bookstores as well as on-line.
  5. Readers find e-books very convenient. E-books are great for travel and vacation. They can load twenty novels into one small Nook or Kindle.
  6. Hardcover books present a space issue for readers both on bookshelves and bed stands. E-readers take up the space of one paperback and hold several novels.
  7. Readers can have their books instantly by simply downloading them to their e-reader. In addition, they can load them into their other devices—Kindle,  iPad, iPhone, laptop—making them accessible for reading anywhere, anytime.
  8. E-publishers are more willing to accept new authors because their publishing expenses are lower.
  9. Often the hurdle of an agent is avoided by direct contact with the publisher.
  10. E-publication of manuscripts can take as little time as a month.
  11. Author royalties from e-books are much higher than those from print books, sometimes four times as high.
  12. E-books are great formats for genre writing.

E-publishing is certainly an additional path to publishing that mystery writers should consider.

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  1. Now all I have have to do is finish one of the danged things. :-\


    • Go for it.


  2. Wonderful list, NC!


  3. Actually, Nancy, a Kindle or a Nook has the footprint of a paperback, but the width of about 1/6th. Mine is currently holding nearly a hundred books, and most of those I downloaded for free (these are out of copyright).

    Add to your list that shopping for a book is very fast, and delivery is almost instant.


    • Good points. Fast, cheap delivery is a real benefit of electronic books.


  4. You can add a 13th reason. E-books often are less expensive than print format versions.


    • They’re less expensive for readers to purchase and at the same time authors gain a greater percentage of the sale price.


  5. I agree with you, Nancy. I recently purchased a Kindle. I am surprised at the aspects of my new Kindle that I really like. 1) It is easier to hold and read than a book with pages that must be turned and held into place. 2) I can shop on my Kindle and order an e-book in one click and receive it in about 30 seconds on my Kindle. No shipping charges or waiting for it to arrive ten to fourteen days later.

    All of the reasons you stated above make sense. I wouldn’t considered having my novel published without including the digital version. Blessings to you, Nancy…


    • Great points about the Kindle. I’ve also found, much to my surprise, that I can easily read novels on my iPhone. Reading across platforms is terrific. No matter where I am, I can pull out a device and continue reading my novels where I left off.


  6. Brittany, I’d love to know more about your middle grade mystery. There is a lot of demand for mystery novels at this level. Good luck.


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