Posted by: nancycurteman | September 20, 2010

Berlin’s Charlottenburg Palace: A Trip Back in Time

A visitor to Berlin’s Charlottenburg Palace will find h/erself transported back to the baroque era. The elegant 17th century palace, originally built for Queen Sophie Charlotte wife of Prussian King Frederick was expanded and modified over a period of about 300 years. Although the palace is open for day tours, I would recommend one of the outstanding Round Table visits that includes a tour of the palace and a formal dinner consisting of Frederick the Great’s favorite dishes (We had celery root soup with truffle oil, rolled guinea fowl with glazed turnips and blancmange with pickled cherries). Also included in this tour is a wonderful concert of baroque masterpieces presented by the Berlin Residence Orchestra. The musicians and soloists wear baroque costumes complete with white wigs, and play period instruments. Champagne flows during the evening.
A visit to Berlin’s Charlottenburg Schloss is not just a tour it is an opportunity to experience baroque life.


  1. Well, I say, whenever you get the chance…
    Go for Baroque!


  2. Hi , Nice to meet you.

    website you so Cool.


  3. Nothing like celery root soup with truffle oil, I always say. Oops! Gotta run. The pizza delivery guy is here.


  4. Sounds like King Arthur’s Feast and Medieval Times in Orlando . . . only classier.

    Much classier. 8)


  5. Sounds delicious!


  6. Lots of pizza parlors in Berlin.


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