Posted by: nancycurteman | September 14, 2010

Montmartre Shouts and Whispers

Montmartre has two personalities. One is an extrovert that shouts to the crowds of tourists as they race like ants over the famous hill. Places like Place du Tertre, the square where artists busily create paintings as diners watch with adoring eyes, shout at all who pass. Many of the paintings are quite nice. I like the famous square and have even purchased a couple of overpriced paintings in the past. I figured I was buying an experience not just a painting.
Now I’ll mention a Montmartre whisper. A small pink house on a quiet street, Rue des Saules, houses a tiny family-owned restaurant called La Maison Rose. There are only two servers and about ten tables, so plan on spending a bit of time. The lunch menu is limited but the food is delicious. Why? Because the clientele is primarily French. And you know the Celtic Gauls cherish gastronomy as much as amour.


  1. Yum.

    Small family owned restaurants are such a delight, as long as the cuisine suits your palate (and pocketbook).

    Montmartre and Sacre Couer on a sunny day . . . c’est magnifique!


  2. Sounds wonderful. The kind of place you always hope to find and so rarely do. 🙂

    I hear there was a bomb threat on the Eiffel Tower. Yes? Yikes. I hope you are not close by.


  3. Yes there was a bomb threat the day after we visited the Eiffel tower. They shut down the tower and didn’t allow anyone on the tower until in late afternoon. While in Montmartre, we did stop in to La Maison Rose for lunch. Wonderful service and wonderfully prepared food. And just down the hill a bit was La Pan Agile. It was good to share some time and wine with the french performers. I love going native.


    • I love going native in every country I visit. It makes the visit so much more enjoyable.


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