Posted by: nancycurteman | June 17, 2010

3 Must Read American Mystery Writers

Three  American mystery writers with very different styles are worth sampling. Aspiring writers would do well to study all three of these outstanding writers.

1.    Mary Higgins Clark known as the “Queen of Suspense,” emphasizes suspenseful plots and strong female sleuths. She has written twenty-four novels. Her award-winning books are best sellers in France as well as the U.S.

2.    Elizabeth George, famous for her Inspector Lynley series, sets her novels in England. Her novel A Great Deliverance won several awards. Her mysteries were televised and shown in the United States.

3.    Janet Evanovich’s lead character, inept bounty hunter Stephanie Plum chases bad guys in New Jersey.  Plum and her partner, a former prostitute, run into all sorts of hilarious situations as they bungle their way through Evanovich’s mystery series.


  1. My favorite is Elizabeth George. She was up in Berkeley last April but I didn’t get a chance to go. 😦


    • Elizabeth George is also one of my favorite writers. She is a master at plotting and characterization.


  2. I’ve met one of these authors, and read the work of all three over the years. Good collection. Good post.


    • Which one have you met? I met Elizabeth George at East of Eden a few years ago.


  3. I’ve read a few books by #1 and #3 on your list ~ I’ve overlooked Elizabeth George.

    I’ll have to remedy that situation.

    Actually, I think that I’ve stumbled across Inspector Lynley somewehre ~ maybe the televised version? Hmm . . .


    • You may want to start with “Playing For The Ashes,” one of her earlier novels. Lots of twists and turns.


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