Posted by: nancycurteman | June 13, 2010

5 Research-based Ways Television Can Destroy Your Kid’s Future

There have been an enormous number of studies relating to the harm parents do to their children by shoving them in front of a television set for unlimited viewing. Here are a few facts many parents ignore:

1.    Kids who begin watching television as toddlers often struggle in school and achieve lower scores in math. Reading is also impacted.

2.    Kids who spend two hours or more in front of the tube are fatter and less healthy because they’re sitting on their duffs instead of running and romping. To add to the tragedy, many parents allow kids to stuff themselves with unhealthy junk food. Parents, read the ingredient list on the junk food package sometime. Why would you feed someone you love a collection of chemicals, salt, food coloring, sugar and grease.

3.    Kids who spend their time glued to a television screen are not developing the important social skills they would gain by getting out and interacting with other children. What they do learn from watching commercials is how to choose some of the worst possible foods.

4.    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children over the age of two should watch less than 2 hours of television a day. It should be even less time. Hey parents, how about this idea: Talk with your kids. Wow, they’d learn to express ideas orally and then they would be able to express them in writing.

5.    I know it’s pretty easy to jam a cookie in your child’s mouth and shove him in front of the television. This destroys a kids attention span. Then they get to school and someone decides they’re hyperactive and shoves a daily pill down their throat. Hey parents, here’s another idea: How about a little human companionship with your child. Trust me, the effort will vastly improve your child’s future.


  1. Very interesting. Could you list some of these studies?


  2. By the way, this is your 100th post. Congratulations on an important milestone!


  3. Congratulations on post #100!

    Write on!


  4. This was 100 for you? Hooray! Party hats for everyone! Feels good, doesn’t it.


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