Posted by: nancycurteman | May 10, 2010

Australian Aborigines: What is the Truth?

Recently I did a couple of posts on the Australian Aborigines (Albert Namatjira and National Sorry Day). I got an interesting response from a reader called “Kid Koala.” Below is his view of the condition of the Aborigines. I’d like to know if this is a generally accepted Australian view.

“It makes me so angry when the government throws money at these communities and buys them western-style housing. The aborigines consume copious amounts of alcohol and use their suburban type housing in a way that is functional: namely in burning cupboards and hanging up dead animals, as is their custom. It breaks my heart, but if the government provided functional dwellings etc., they’d be lambasted in the media for providing ‘dog shelters’ or something to that end. The people should be provided with what they need and will use. Not thrown urbane ‘gifts from heaven’ from educated bourgeoise sycophants with a penchant for indigenous culture.”

Let me know your view on this issue.

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  1. Not being an Australian, I cannot correctly answer your question, but at a glance, I’d say that this was the same kind of dehumanizing that we (Terrans) always do to a group we want to overrun, fight against, or own. If we can call them names, make them seem less than human, why can’t we just kill them off?

    It happened in Germany, in Uganda, in Cambodia… it’s something we humans are very good at, I am sorry to say.


  2. I have to plead ignorance on this issue.

    It does sound as if Kid Koala dislikes aborigines and “educated bourgeoise sycophants” in equal measure, however. : )


  3. I don’t dislike Aborigines. I judge everyone equally. I dislike race politics, victimisation, excuses for failed policy, alcoholism, a covert system of apartheid and most of all; I hate it when I am called names that belong to a Canadian DJ.


    • I completely agree with your dislike of the items you listed. For the record, I apologize if I have an incorrect title for you. What shall I call you?


  4. “Aborigines drink copious amounts of alcohol” is a very common racially motivated statement in this country.

    I have worked amongst poverty and marginalisation for many years in Australia and there are many drunken, alcohol consuming white people across society…but of course is is always the Aborigines who are pelted with the largest stonethat seeks to define ALL Aborigines as drinkers …

    You might be interested in these two blog articles I wrote for those who might wonder about Australias history of racism and attempted genocide as defined in the Blood on the Wattle -History of the Massacres book…human rights crimes committed against perhaps the oldest living culture on Earth, the Aboriginal people of Australia:

    How racism is taught and caught:

    The Language of Australian racism:

    You might also be interested in the discussion on the Generation One page regarding the gulf between traditional values and practices and the western approach to Health:
    Go to the Generation One facebook page:

    and scroll down to 27th May, the discussion that begins:

    Generation One Some alarming new health reports coming out…..


    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your very informative comment and your link to GenerationOne. I will put you on my blog role. Your blog site will open the eyes of people to the plight of the indigenous Australians.


  5. “there are many drunken, alcohol consuming white people across society…but of course is is always the Aborigines who are pelted with the largest stonethat seeks to define ALL Aborigines as drinkers …”

    I’m not saying that there aren’t white people that over consume alcohol. However, the rate of alcoholism amongst aborigines is higher than that among any other ethnic group in this country, including whites. My prompting of this ‘white elephant’ in the room is not racially motivated. It is simply fact; I am just unsure as to the cause-and-effect elements. But to dismiss this terrible reality under the guise of rascism is absurd.


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