Posted by: nancycurteman | May 6, 2010

5 Best Investments That Can Get Your Novel Published

Writing an outstanding novel only gets an author about halfway up the steep road to publication. Here are some investments writers can make that will go a long way to making the climb  less difficult.

  1. An excellent editor (about $500 to $1000). Editors can make the difference between an acceptance letter or a rejection slip.  I’m talking about in-depth editing that includes things like character development, pacing, character voice, dialogue, scene structure, point of view, showing/telling, dialogue tags and beats, narration, and writing style.
  2. Writing conferences ($300 to $600). These conferences provide great workshops on every aspect of writing. You can mingle with other writers, publishers, agents and editors. These contacts will come in handy when you want to publish or promote your book.
  3. Writing contests (Free to $60). Usually not too expensive, these contests can look great on a writer’s query letter or resume. If you win, great. If you place second or third or honorable mention, still great.
  4. A domain name (about $10 per year). A domain name will allow you to create a  website. You can add a link to your blog from your website as well as to other social networking sites.
  5. Membership in writing organizations ($45 to $75 per year). You can choose a group in your special writing genre. These organizations are  great networking sources and provide support for writers in the form of speakers, trainers, workshops and other resources.


  1. Great advice.

    If you’ve got any links for writing conferences and/or editors, you might include a few in this article as resources.


  2. Excellent information, definitely bookmark worthy!


  3. Cool! Now can you tell me how to write an excellent novel?


  4. I would also include in this list an industrial size coffee maker. I wouldn’t have finished Robinson Stone without it.


  5. I agree. It’s the coffee. Oh, the five investments will help aslo.


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