Posted by: nancycurteman | May 3, 2010

Northern Cheyenne Warrior: Buffalo Calf Road Woman


One of the bravest Northern Cheyenne warriors was a woman. Buffalo Calf Road Woman owned a warhorse and fought alongside tribal men against cavalry soldiers including the infamous Custer. Indian history tells the story of how this 5 feet, 4 inch woman saved her brother, Comes in Sight, at the 1876 Battle of the Rosebud in Montana Territory. According to an account found in “Stands in Timber and Liberty,” Comes in Sight’s horse was shot from under him. His sister saw him. She saw the soldier scouts racing in to kill him. She galloped her horse to his rescue. Comes in Sight jumped on behind her and was saved. That same year Buffalo Calf Road Woman fought alongside her husband Black Coyote in the Battle of Little Bighorn. The Cheyenne immortalized Buffalo Calf Road Woman by renaming the Battle of the Rosebud for her heroic deed. They always refer to it as: “Where the Girl Saved Her Brother.”


  1. Now that’s a risk taker . . . a “carpe diem” kind of gal. : )

    Of course, maybe I’d be braver if my name was Buffalo Calf Road Woman.


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