Posted by: nancycurteman | April 14, 2010

The most dangerous city in the world for women: Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez has a long history of female homicides. Since 1993 more than 400 women have died violent deaths. Their murders are still a mystery. In recent times numerous girls and women have gone missing in Juarez. Since fewer bodies of missing women are being recovered there is speculation that these young women may be kidnap victims of prostitution traffickers. Despite the fact that more than 8,000 police and soldiers were sent to Juarez to provide security for the people, assassinations and disappearances significantly increased particularly among women. Even though the Inter-American Court of Human Rights sanctioned Mexico for human rights violations the government has not cleaned up the mayhem in Juarez. Mexico’s efforts to protect the women and girls of Ciudad Juarez has failed. Just being female in this city puts a person at extreme risk of loss of life.


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  2. Definitely not on my list of Top 10 places to visit. 😦


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