Posted by: nancycurteman | March 28, 2010

Ten Simple Things To do To Stay Safe While Traveling


Stay Safe

Travelers can decrease their chances of becoming victims of crimes like pick-pocketing, scam artists, and muggings by taking simple, common sense precautions. Here a ten effective preventives.

1. Be aware of your surroundings both what you see and how you feel. Trust your judgment if a situation appears to be “wrong” it usually is.

2. Don’t walk out alone in the dark or even during the day in deserted or run down areas.

3. Never leave baggage unattended and never take your eyes off it when you set it down.

4. Carry important documents like credit cards, passports, visas with you zipped up close to your body. Photocopy these documents and place copies in your locked luggage and give copies to trusted people back home.

5. Carry a minimal amount of cash. Use credit cards or bank ATMs.

6. If you carry a purse, use one with a shoulder strap and wear it across your body. If you carry a backpack, carry it in front not on your back.

7. Wear inconspicuous casual clothing—jeans, pants, sport shoes, and understated shirts and blouses. Leave expensive jewelry at home.

8. Don’t hail cabs. Use only registered taxi services from registered stands or have the hotel concierge call a cab for you.

9. Use approved or recommended public transport.

10. Don’t allow sudden loud scenes to distract your attention. This is a ploy thieves often use to rob inattentive victims.

Most criminals are pretty pragmatic. They don’t want to bother robbing travelers who throw up roadblocks when they can just move on to less cautious travelers. Follow these precautions and your chances for happy, crime-free travel will improve a hundred per cent.

Sometimes travel swindles start before a trip even begins as happened to a recent train traveler.


  1. These are valuable suggestions for anyplacy you find yourself, even your home town.


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