Posted by: nancycurteman | March 18, 2010

A Paris Mystery

The Musée des Antiquités Nationales in St-Germain-en-Laye holds the key to a somewhat mysterious but significant period in the history of Paris, that of the Celtic Gauls. Although the origin of the French capital goes back to pre-historic times, one of the first stable societies developed around 250 BC, when a Celtic tribe called the Parisii settled in an area they called Loukteih situated in the middle of the Seine River. The Parisii established a fishing settlement on the Ile de la Cité that later became the heart of the medieval city of Paris. The Celts were excellent traders and the settlement prospered through extensive river trading. Paris took its name from the Parisii (Boat People). Julius Caesar mentioned the Parisii homeland, Lutetia, in his accounts of the Gallic Wars. To this day, the image of a trading ship is one of the official symbols of Paris and can be seen all over the city. Research still continues into the origin and lifestyle of the mysterious Parisii people who so impacted modern Parisian life.


  1. I love Paris. Been there thrice. Exciting, even if town center and Versallies are sort of touristy. That’s fun, too, there. You can certainly find that living with the French a refreshing change and eye-opening in a lot of ways. I hear complaints from Americans, but with an open mind, I see no problems. On one sojourn, I then trained to Lyon, drove car [right side of the road] to Grenoble; beautiful Alps and pizzas. I like wine & grapes (without being much of a connosseur) and we (Californians) have Napa, etc. to compete, so what’s not to like. Their pastries are to die for (and I probably will). Museo d’Orse, Van Gogh–fantastico!! mmmmM(a)!

    Nancy, I liked your Murder In a Tea Cup. Will have to read Lethal Lesson, but 6 are lined up on the “tarmack” before that. I am getting to be faster reader, now that I’m taking writing more seriously. I liked your old web site, too. My travels include around Brazil–Rio, Iguassu Falls, Joan Pessoa (eastern-most spot in Americas), and the Amazon. Singapore, Malaysia, Panama Canal, New Zealand, too–a cruise.


    • Richard, I also love France and especially Paris. Over the years I’ve spent considerable time in France. I took two summer sessions there, one at University of Nice and one at University of Grenoble. I also spent a month in Paris as well as several shorter sojourns to that beautiful city. I never tire of traveling to France.
      Sounds like you’ve seen a bit of the world. Travel broadens our view of the world and its people.
      Thanks for reading my books. It means a lot to me.
      Send good thoughts that Solstice publishes “Murder Down Under.”


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