Posted by: nancycurteman | March 13, 2010

Does Sex Have a Role in a Mystery Novel

Does sex have a role in a mystery novel? Yes, for several reasons. First, we live in an age in which we are much more open about our own sex lives, so we expect our favorite characters to have sex in their lives. Second, sex can provide significant insights into the characters of the story people about whom we are writing. Third, sex and all its accompanying vices—jealousy, scorn, rejection, insecurity, possessiveness, betrayal, dominance—provide wonderful motives for murder. Sex should not be the focal point of a mystery novel, but it certainly can play an important role.


  1. There ain’t no doubt about it. A mystery novel without sex is like an Irishman without beer.

    Wait a minute, I don’t drink. Scratch that 🙂


  2. Alcohol and I have a history. We don’t talk anymore.

    And thank God for that 🙂


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