Posted by: nancycurteman | March 10, 2010

Six Must See Sites in or Near the Most Dangerous City in the World

Cape Town, South Africa, the most dangerous city in the world offers a wealth of unforgettable sites to the adventuresome tourist. Here are six of them:

1.  Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, founded in 1913 consists of one of the largest collections of plants and trees indigenous to South Africa. History buffs will want to stroll down an avenue of camphor trees and fig trees planted by Cecil Rhodes in 1898.

2.  Robben Island is a World Heritage Site. During the apartheid years it was used to imprison opponents of apartheid. Nelson Mandela spent more than twenty-five years in this prison.

3.  The District Six Museum serves as a memorial to the 60,000 people who were forcibly removed from the inner-city residential area known as District Six. There is a huge collection of photographs, paintings, artifacts, and videos commemorating the former inhabitants of District Six.

4. Boulders Penguin Colony is home to the vulnerable African Penguin. Wooden walkways allow visitors to walk among these appealing little personalities.

5. Cape of Good Hope offers breathtaking scenic walks. It is the legendary home of The Flying Dutchman. Despite its harsh reputation among early navigators as a “Cape of Storms”, the Cape of Good Hope is also a place of tranquility and beauty.

6. Khyalitsha Township is the largest township in South Africa and the home of over 2,000,000 people struggling to make a better life for themselves. It is indeed an inspiration to see the results of their entrepreneurial spirit.


  1. I have been to South Africa and found that while at Cape of Good Hope was my greatest life time experience. Southern most tip of a great continent of this world. Although I traveled Africa on Safari, I enjoyed Cape Town and environs immensely. Khayelitsha was an amazing place. For all poverty that existed, residents were keeping peace and order as they had built their homes and small businesses from bits and pieces of materials. There were B&Bs, day care facilities with telephone stations and electrical power. It was a very interesting township.


  2. Sounds like you know Cape Town and its environs pretty well. I’d like to hear more of your comments.


  3. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for something else….I have to say I am totally shocked that you say Cape Town is the most dangerous city in the world. I have lived and raised my family here in this beautiful city for the past 28years and am wondering where you found your stats to back that statement up? Yes, South Africa has high crime stats but I honestly cannot believe that Cape Town, which is one of the most well run cities in South Africa, is the most dangerous city in the world.


  4. PS I realize that this article is more than a year old and since it was written South Africa has hosted the FIFA World Cup when many tourists came from all over the world to attend the games….I wonder what they all thought about Cape Town supposedly being the most dangerous city in the world? Reading something like that must surely have a negative impact on intended visitors to a city. You can tell I’m pretty flabbergasted can’t you? 🙂


    • Colleen,
      Thank you for your comments about Cape Town. I agree with you. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and certainly is one of the greatest tourist attractions, as well as a lovely place to live. I saw this first hand when we visited your city. However, like New Orleans, one of my favorite U.S. cities, it is named on most lists of the the 10 most dangerous cities in the world. Simply do a search for the most dangerous cities in the world and you will find it. I believe its beauty and culture trump its dangerous areas in the minds of tourists. In the Paris metro, I barely missed having my wallet stolen right out of my fanny pack. This unfortunate incident doesn’t even figure in my decision to revisit Paris. When visiting any cosmopolitan city (New York, Paris, London, Cape Town) tourists need to be alert.
      I look forward to visiting Cape Town again in the near future. I could never get enough of your wonderful city and its fascinating history. I’d love for you to share your personal views of Cape Town.


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