Posted by: nancycurteman | February 19, 2010

Seeking the Alpha Male

There are those who believe that American men from the western section of the United States e.g. Montana, are models of the manliest of men. There are those who believe that Australian men from the Outback sections of Australia e.g. Northern Territory, are among the manliest of men. One may or may not agree with either of these beliefs. Suspend disbelief and take the poll on the right to help decide which of these two models of masculinity reigns as the supreme male in terms of the traits we most admire in our men: intelligence, confidence, physical strength, dependability, good health, character, leadership, assertiveness, good looks. Don’t labor. Just have fun.

Male characters in two of my books are from Montana and Northern Territory.


  1. I’m just guessin’, but ya’ll seem to be on the Male Train.


    • There seems to be some interest in how men and women compare with men and women in other countries in terms of universal attributes. Look at the ongoing competition between French and Italian men regarding who are the best lovers.


  2. I have always favored dark haired, dark eyed men for some reason. Thus, as my memoirs will attest, I was proposed to at least 13 times by Latin Americans. I think I was attracted by their warmth, attention to me and kindness. The 13 th proposal I accepted and have been married for 44 years . I grew up in Montana and have traveled in Australia but don’t have a strong attraction to either Alpha Male type.


  3. There is definitely something alluring about the “tall, dark and handsome” male. Add to that the soft bedroom eyes of the Hispanic man along with his innate charm, and it is quite easy to see how you could fall in love with a Latin American .


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