Posted by: nancycurteman | February 14, 2010

Camels in Australia??

In the Outback you run across wild camels all the time. It seems the Aussie Outbackers imported camels from the desert areas of Palestine and India in the eighteen hundreds. The Outback climate suited them so they decided to hang around for a while.

The camels became their workhorses. The early Australian pioneers used them for exploring Central Australia. They used camels in the construction of the Overland Telegraph line. These animals hauled goods to Alice Springs and the Aboriginal communities; made deliveries to cattle and sheep stations; pulled plows and wagons.”

In the mid 1920’s, most of the camels were released. They established free-ranging herds and now they’re all over the semi-arid desert areas of Australia. They even have a few camel breeders. The Imparja Camel Cup Race is a celebration of the temperamental, unpredictable Australian camel. It is held at Blatherskite Park a public area provided by the Northern Territory Government for the enjoyment of the Alice Springs Community. Riders attempt to cajole, beg, force the camels to race around a track. A perpetual trophy goes to the winner of the annual race which is held each July.

One of the characters in my novel competed and won the race.

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