Posted by: nancycurteman | February 9, 2010

Lame Deer, Montana Home of the Northern Cheyenne Indians

Lame Deer is the tribal headquarters of the Northern Cheyenne. Located in southeastern Montana on US Highway 212 near the historic town of Hardin, it is the home of the Northern Cheyenne Annual Powwow that takes place every July 4th. The Powwow includes competitive Indian dancing, contests, parades and the crowning of a beautiful Native American Princess.

The Cheyenne migrated into Montana, but the government resettled them on a reservation in Oklahoma where the conditions were so intolerable that in 1878 about 200 staged an escape under the leadership of Chief Dull Knife and Little Wolf. They left in midwinter enduring below zero temperatures, harsh winds and snowstorms. The U.S Army pursued them and killed a large number of men, women and children Only about 60 made it back to Montana. The U.S. government settled them on this southeastern Montana reservation.

Southeastern Montana is the setting for my soon to be published novel, Murder in a Teacup.

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