Posted by: nancycurteman | February 3, 2010

Exercise is an Enabler

Exercise is an enabler. It enables you to do all the other things in your life by ensuring that you have good mental, physical and emotional health. Therefore, it must be a top priority, not something you do when you have time.

Here is my strategy. I don’t adhere to a rigid schedule. However, I do make sure I take a two-mile walk some time during each day, five days a week. I work out at my fitness center three days a week for thirty minutes. Again, the workout time is not rigid. What is rigid, is that I do it three days a week. Finally, I ride a stationary bike for twenty minutes five evenings a week. I do this while I watch my favorite television program.

Remember, in the case of exercise, some is always better than none. You can develop any schedule that works for you. Just be sure you develop one.

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