Posted by: nancycurteman | February 2, 2010

Avatar will win an Academy Award

Avatar will win the Academy Award for best picture because the story line is a good old-fashioned saga of cowboys and Indians. We Americans still love and romanticize our  Old West. We sympathize with the Avatar natives (Indians) whose pristine lands are being invaded, exploited and destroyed by  greedy earthlings (cowboys). We  rejoice when a highly developed earthling befriends the natives, learns and embraces their ways, wins their loyalty and even falls in love with one of their beautiful women (an Indian princess). In the end, our hero succeeds in rescuing the Avatar society in the nick of time. Of course we also like the technical aspects of the film including the revival of 3D glasses and the hype surrounding the involved process of creating the Avatar people, their environment  and “pets.” Good conquers evil and wins Academy Awards.


  1. I agree about the film itself, but am not sure if it will take the Best Picture prize. It is a huge hit, and I loved it in 3D and IMAX, but the Academy is picky. With ten movies up for Best Picture this year, I’m not sure Avatar has the slam-dunk.


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